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Drone video and photography can provide timely updates of the progress of a development, which can be used to:

  • Visualise construction progress with consistent high-resolution video & imagery;

  • Track the storage of materials or plant;

  • Monitor the safety and utilisation of employees and contractors. 

  • Effectively showcase the progress of construction over the duration of the project, with captures done on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

  •  Increase security efficiency - maintain the safety of employees on a site or protect the job site from theft or vandalism.

  • Update stakeholders remotely, ultimately reducing site visits.


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Roof Construction


Drones are now recognised as the first point of inspection of a roof or structure. The drones we operate carry high-resolution cameras and can hover in close proximity to inaccessible areas for inspection. We can provide detailed high definition (HDR) images of roofs, buildings and structures without the need for scaffolds, ladders or cherry pickers (MEWPs) making inspections safer. 

You can stand with us and monitor the video on the ground in real-time and direct us to the shots you need. We can zoom in to inspect brickwork, lightning conductors, stonework, chimneys, weather vanes, roof tiles, lead work and asbestos for full analysis in your own time.

We can provide high-level aerial surveys from ground level to 120m (400ft).



Give potential customers the full VIP tour  of your restaurant, cafe, new property or gym with a unique unique 360º virtual tours captured by both drone and ground-based cameras

Using drones, 360 cameras and advanced photography techniques, we can create an interactive tour allowing potential customers the opportunity to "walk-around" the virtual space and take a look at what your space has to offer.